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    Final date for all assignments to be turned in: Jan. 22

  • Course Outline




    Overview of Course

    Students require an understanding of self as the basis for making healthy choices, having healthy interactions with others and using resources wisely, as well as for lifelong career development. They also require information, planning tools and processes to make decisions and develop action plans for effective life management. This health-promoting course provides opportunities for students to gain knowledge and insight, and to acquire essential life skills; it is relevant to the needs of students, now and in the future, and stimulates creativity, encouraging them to learn and providing them with important learning skills.


    The aim of senior high school Career and Life Management (CALM) is to enable students to make well-informed, considered decisions and choices in all aspects of their lives and to develop behaviours and attitudes that contribute to the well-being and respect of self and others, now and in the future.

     General Outcomes 

    1.     Personal Choices

    Students will apply an understanding of the emotional/psychological, intellectual, social, spiritual and physical dimensions of health— and the dynamic interplay of these factors—in managing personal well-being.


    2.     Resource Choices

    Students will make responsible decisions in the use of finances and other resources that reflect personal values and goals and demonstrate commitment to self and others.


    3.     Career and Life Choices

    Students will develop and apply processes for managing personal, lifelong career development.





    Student demonstration and evidence of the learning outcomes:


    1.     Personal Choices                                                                      35%

    2.     Resource Choices                                                                     30%   

    * Portfolio is mandatory to pass the course

    3.    Career and Life Choices                                                             35%                                                                  

    • Information & Evaluation

      Course Overview:

      This course is designed in a project based form.   Projects must be handed in via Moodle - DO NOT email or share assignments via Google Docs. If working in Google Docs, please save your file as a pdf or word document, then upload into Moodle. 


      All projects will be graded with the following rubric.  Please click on the link to find the rubric.  Grades will be assigned only as follows:

      100% - standard of excellence
      85% - proficient
      70% - satisfactory
      55% - developing
      40% - limited
      25% - poor
      not complete

      Please note that if you score 100, 85, or 70% you may not redo an assignment.  If you score under 70% you are allowed to resubmit that assignment ONE time only.

      Course Content:

      The CALM 20 course is designed with lessons, readings, and websites at the top of the page and projects at the bottom of the page.  Please read the lessons and information before beginning the projects. 

      There are no exams in this course.   The portfolio project MUST be completed in order to pass the course.  It is a mandatory assignment.