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    1. Email to let her know you are enrolled in the course
    2. Click here to read the COURSE OUTLINE.
    3. Click here to review the Moodle Quick Start Guide to help you find your way around moodle.
    4. Watch the short orientation video to abnormal psychology below.
    5. Review your assignment due dates on the chart below. Make sure you meet these deadlines!

    6. You may now begin to read and work on unit 1 by clicking on the container/link below "Background & Overview". If you have enrolled late, do not worry about the due dates that have passed. You will not be penalized for those assignments being late. Please just try to catch up in a timely manner.

    Due Dates:

    Unit Term 2
    S1L1L2 Quiz due Nov. 4
    Journal Entry 1 due
    Nov. 6
    Journal Entry 2 due
    Nov. 9
    S1L34 Quiz due
    Nov. 13
    S2L1 Quiz due
    Nov. 18
    S2L23 Quiz due Nov. 24
    Unit 2 Project Dec. 1
    S3L1AB Quiz due Dec. 3
    S3L1CD Quiz due Dec. 7
    S3L1EF Quiz due Dec. 9
    S3L234 Quiz due Dec. 14
    Unit 3 Project due Dec. 18
    S4L123 Quiz due Jan. 6
    Unit 4 Project due Jan. 13
    Final Review assignment (open book)
    Jan. 15
    Last day to submit assignments Jan. 22
    Opportunity to redo an assignment. Jan. 25-27