Assignment 5: Plagiarism (DESKTOP)

Be sure to follow EVERY step in this assignment to ensure successful (and quick) completion:

Your assignments will now  be submitted with SafeAssign (a built in Plagiarism checker) to check all of your work once it's handed in.

STEP 1: Read this Infographic on Plagiarism. NOTE the different types of plagiarism

STEP 2: Make a copy of this Google doc and answer the questions on the doc.

STEP 3: Share the Google doc (with editing!) to like you would any other Google document.

STEP 4: Copy the Google doc URL and paste into the text box of this assignment

STEP 5: Use ctrl + A to highlight the entire Google doc, then click ctrl + C to copy the entire document.

STEP 6: Paste (ctrl + V) your Google doc questions and answers into the text box below the URL.

It should look like this:

CITE YOUR SOURCES: Use the following to help you cite your sources!

BibMe (click HERE)

Easy Bib Chrome Extension (click here to add to Chrome)