4.02 Final Project: Final Menu (part 3 of 4)

4.02 FINAL PROJECT (part 3 of 4):  FINISHED MENU


You have been putting all of the concepts you have learned in this course into practice in a final project.  This project takes place in different parts/stages.  This is the THIRD PART, it is where you are submitting your FINISHED and polished menu.  IF needed, please click on the (ENTER NOW) button below to access the project information.

COM1005 Lesson & Assignment button

Please submit your work either as a link to your Google doc or presentation (or other web based presentation format) OR as a PDF file.

IF you are submitting your work in Google doc or presentation, make sure you set the sharing setting to share with me in your Google docs and then copy and past the sharing file link into the online(inline) text area and please try to make the link live.

Want to know how your work will be marked?  CLICK HERE to learn more.



Unless you want one : )

Why don't I need you to come and conference with me about your work?  

1.  We already should have discussed your initial planning and ideas and looked at your mock up.

2.  You should have had a good idea (maybe a solid idea) of what you needed to to to ensure your finished menu was everything you wanted and needed it to be to score the mark you wanted to meet your goals in the course.  However, if you really want to conference with me about your finished menu, I always welcome a student conference : )