Module 3 Project

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1. Module 3 Project

Mathematics 30-3 Module 3

Module 3 Project


Household Water Conservation




This is a photo of a stacked washer and dryer with their doors open and clothes spilling out.


Towards the end of Lessons 1, 2, and 3, under Project Connection, you will be prompted to complete a part of the Module 3 Project. You can access the entire project from this page at any time.


Make sure to save all work from each Project Connection in your course folder. You will submit your Module 3 Project to your teacher at the end of Lesson 3. Check with your teacher about how you should submit your project work before you begin the project.


It is estimated that this project will take three hours in total to complete. To help you successfully manage the project and your time, you will be directed to parts of the project throughout the lessons as you learn the necessary concepts. You are encouraged to take the time to complete each part of the project as you complete the lessons.




The most important part of your project presentation is clearly explaining and supporting your reasoning with relevant visuals and calculations. Make sure to show all your work.


Review the Project Rubric to ensure you understand how you will be assessed on this project.


Compile your findings. In report form, compile your graphs, tables of values, data on how much water could be saved by using modern appliances, and your recommendation as to which water-saving appliance to promote.


Project Introduction


You will research a modern, water-saving, household appliance or fixture. You will compare the appliance or fixture to a less-efficient appliance or fixture.


Part 1


Turn to “Project—Research Household Water Conservation” on page 11 of the textbook. This will be your Module 3 Project. Read through “Project Overview,” “Get Started,” and “Final Presentation Checklist.”

Complete the three bullets under “Get Started.” If needed, ask your teacher to suggest some websites to get you started with your research.

When finished, you should have

  • the litre amounts for water used in four modern appliances
  • the average number of times each appliance is used by one person each day
  • a record of your sources as well as any assumptions you made from your data
Part 2


Turn to page 26 of the textbook. Read and complete “Make a Table of Values and Graph Your Data.”


When finished, you should have

  • a table of values
  • a multiple-line graph with corresponding equations
  • calculations of water use
  • a one-paragraph recommendation for a water-saving appliance
  • two tips on water conservation
Part 3


Turn to page 68 of the textbook. Read and complete “Complete Analysis and Prepare Recommendation.”


When finished, you should have

  • a table of calculations of water used in a variety of households
  • two scatterplot graphs with a description of the relationship and an expression of rate of change
  • a summary report on your findings and your personal reflections
Project Assessment


Your Module 3 Project will be evaluated by your teacher using the evaluation guidelines in the project rubric. Read the rubric carefully. Make sure you are aware how you will be assessed. You can print or save a digital copy of the Project Rubric as a guide to help you complete your project.


Don’t forget to submit your completed Module 3 Project to your teacher at the end of Lesson 3.