This is a single credit CTS course module, and should not take as much time as a full 3 or 5 credit course.  However, hopefully the learning and project work is intriguing, or at least interesting, to you.  This course largely functions asynchronously, but it is imperative that you as the learner take ownership of your learning processes and needs and contact me (your teacher) when you have any questions about how the course functions, or your learning.

Here is the most important information you need to know and understand as your begin your learning journey in this course:

  • There are two sides to this course.  ALL of the learning side is 'housed' on the course website (which is separate from the course Moodle).  You will access the course website pages to enter into your lessons and access the instructions for your assignments.

  • You are to SUBMIT your completed assignments and project in the Moodle course.

  • All assignments and projects are meant to be done as an individual.

  • It is expected that ALL students come into my online office to review ALL of their finished assignments and project work to have a discussion about their learning processes and share in their self assessment of their learning and finished products.  These discussions are a key part of the learning assessment process, and no mark will be assigned until this learning and assessment conferencing has occurred. If you have questions about this, please come into my online office during posted times or request to book a private conference time through email.

  • IF you would like to make any adjustments to assignments in how you approach them, please consult with me (your teacher first).

  • There are no tests or final exam.  Your assignments break down all of the concepts and skills you are learning in the course and your final project is where you put together a final demonstration of all you have learned and applied.

  • Due dates are suggested, your only obligation is to have all course work submitted by the designated LAST SUBMITTING DATE which is posted clearly in the course.  If you need help managing your learning and time, please know I am here to help you.  Come and speak with me in my online office about your needs and questions.  If you wait until the last submitting date to submit any assignments and/or project, no assessment conferencing can take place, and you are showing that you have chosen not to participate in a key part of the learning process.  Your work will be assigned marks, but no feedback will be given.

  • There are no set weekly learning sessions for this course, but I am definitely available to help you with your learning needs and questions.  I meet synchronously with my students in two ways, either in my online office or by prearranged phone conferencing.  I have scheduled drop in times Monday to Friday for my online office and I am also available to schedule private online sessions in my online office.  Questions about this?  Let me know : )


Here is a link to an outline of how your demonstrations of learning will be marked in this course:  CLICK HERE to access.

In a nutshell, there are 5 levels:  Excellent, Proficient, Adequate, Limited and Insufficient.  You will only receive a percentage level of achievement within these ranges at each reporting period.  You are welcome at any time to come into my online office to discuss your learning and marks in this course : )  I am here to help you achieve your goals.  If you cannot make it into my online office during posted times, please email me to make an appointment.  

Students are expected to take an active role in the assessment of their learning.  You are required to conference with me to discuss all of your demonstrations of learning (4 meetings - once for each assignment and once when you are BEGINNING elements of your final project). 

It is your responsibility to meet with me to conference about your work, I will not contact you to set up assessment reviews.

If you need help with anything or have questions about this information, let me know.  I am here to help you : )

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