Assessment is an important part of the learning process. Assessing how well you are able to meet the outcomes of the course is valuable to you in order to identify areas of weakness and prepare for your final exam. Prior to your final exam, you will encounter four types of assessment. Your assessments are opportunities to learn and improve. Do not hand in incomplete assessments. If you need assistance in completing the assessment, contact your teacher.

Section Assignments

Section assignments are short assessments that you will encounter after you have moved through 2 or 3 lessons. These are intended to help you review major concepts and identify any areas where you need teacher assistance or further study. Most of these are computer scored so your feedback is immediate, allowing you to seek help right away, if needed. There is no time limit on these assignments.

Summative Assessments

Summative assessments are intended to measure your progress in a module. They are longer and more detailed than the Section Assignments and you should expect feedback. There is no time limit and they are not password protected. However, you must complete the corresponding Section Assignments to access the Summative Assessments. The Summative Assessments are to measure your learning and improve your understanding. Make sure you read your feedback before moving on to the Unit Test.

Unit Tests
Unit Tests are a culmination of the entire unit of study. These assessments are to measure your learning and prepare you for the final exam. They are password protected and timed. Your password can be found in the feedback of the previous Summative Assessment. The time limit is generous but won't allow time for you to be learning as you go. You should be familiar with the concepts prior to starting the Unit Test.

Field Study

In Unit B, you are asked to plan for a field study. You are not expected to perform the field study, but you are expected to submit a detailed and well-researched plan.


The final exam will have a time limit and must be teacher supervised