Course Components

Work through the course in chronological order. Each page and activity has been carefully placed to direct your learning in a logical sequence. Do not skip pages or activities. All of the course content is required material. Throughout the course, you will notice the following headings and icons. Use these headings to help guide your study.

 Content Topic

This heading indicates important instructional content in print or image form. It is important for you to read these sections. 


This heading indicates a video resource. These have been carefully chosen to be concise and relevant. Take the time to watch them all.


These sections are at the start and end of each module and lesson and provide a brief summary of the learning topics and activities. 


This heading indicates a lab activity. In the absence of conventional classroom activities, these are especially important for your learning. Activities that apply the concepts you are learning are imperative to create a deeper understanding of the material.


At the end of each lesson, you will find a list of important terms. It is a good idea to start a glossary of your own to study from.

 Big Ideas

These are the overarching questions and topics that are in the course. 


This heading directs you to required readings in your textbook. Use the summary and chapter reviews in your textbook for extra practice.

 Key Concepts

The important concepts in each module are listed clearly on the module introduction page. Make notes on these concepts as you move through the material.


These sections describe or demonstrate a relevant application of the concept. It is important to connect the concepts to current events, research, and technological applications.


Skills that you are expected to demonstrate in your assessments are listed in this section. You may want to use the module introduction pages to guide your study for Unit Tests.


These questions are similar to questions your classroom teacher might ask to the class. They are designed to provide you additional practice and repetition. Self-checks are not for grades.