Unit B

Module 4 ~ Lesson 1

Adaptation, Variation, and Natural Selection

The girls on a soccer team are all very close in age, but they differ in height, weight, eye colour, hair colour, and ability.

Evolution, like a soccer team, depends on individuals having different characteristics. Individuals with helpful characteristics will be able to survive better.

Individuals from the same family look similar. Some characteristics can be passed from one generation to the next. Some characteristics are advantageous, some are detrimental, and others are neither.

In this lesson, you will look at the differences or variations that exist within species, how variations are created, and what process leads to changes in populations.

In this lesson you will explore the following essential questions:

  • How do mutations create species variability?
  • Why is sexual reproduction important to the process of evolution?

Image by luvmybry from Pixabay