Unit D

Module 6 ~ Lesson 3


In this lesson, you explored the following essential question:
  • How does technology provide solutions or limitations to the treatment of disorders affecting the digestive system?

As you looked at disorders of the digestive system, you looked at related symptoms, causes, treatments, and diagnostic technology. You also explored the worldviews of Indigenous people in regards to traditional medicine.

Traditional medicine incorporates the use of herbal and spiritual remedies to cure illness. It is the belief of both the World Health Organization and Indigenous people that health is not just the absence of disease, but health is also mental and social well-being. In contrast, Western medicine often approaches health with the treatment of diseases by drugs, medical treatment, and surgery.

By investigating a variety of diseases, you have become familiar with how disorders will interrupt the body's natural exchange of matter and flow of energy. Both traditional and Western medicines attempt to restore homeostatic balance to your body system.

However, medicine cannot cure all diseases. Being healthy is a function of smart lifestyle choices and available technology that can help you maintain or restore homeostasis.