Unit D

Module 8 Summary


Similar to how water treatment plant removes harmful substances from tap water, your immune system also destroys harmful substances. The body has three lines of defence against invading pathogens: physical/chemical barriers, cell-mediated response, and antibody-mediated response.

Blood type is dependent on antigens and antibodies. The wrong type of blood transfusion would create an immune response.

The excretory system is your body's filtration system. Before tap water ends up in your glass, water has undergone several filtration processes to remove waste. Similarly, as blood cycles through the body, it is continually filtered by the kidneys.

Nephrons regulate homeostasis by maintaining blood composition and ridding the body of wastes by filtration, reabsorption, and secretion.

The hormones aldosterone and ADH maintain electrolytes and osmotic pressure in the body by altering the permeability of the nephron to water and sodium ions. Technology, such as dialysis, has been developed to help people with kidney disorders. This technology mimics the filtration of blood across a semi-permeable membrane.


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