Unit D

Module 9 ~ Lesson 2

Infections and Diseases of the Respiratory Tract

There are diseases and infections specifically associated with the respiratory system. You can have a lower respiratory tract disorder (bronchi, lungs, alveoli) or an upper respiratory tract disorder (nose, pharynx). Respiratory tract infections are not uncommon but can be serious.

Some of the respiratory diseases are a result of lifestyle choices, such as most cases of emphysema, commonly referred to as smoker's disease. Other diseases are the result of tumours, bacteria, viruses, or genetics. Medical advances have made it possible to cure some of these diseases. Some diseases, such as emphysema, are incurable but it is possible to treat the symptoms.


Read "Respiratory Health" on pages 256 to 262 of your textbook.

Diagnosing Disorders

Complete "Thought Lab 7.2" on page 261 of the textbook. In this activity, you will look at the symptoms of two patients and determine what their disorder may be.