Agriculture is a huge part of the cultural identity of Alberta. It is a massive contributor to the lives of all Canadians. Alberta agriculture feeds us, and the economy. Understanding and implementing safety processes in the agriculture workplace protects Canadians against personal and property loss.

AGR3000, Agriculture Safety, encourages students to recognize the hazards and manage the risks of working in agriculture
. If you do not live on a farm please make sure you find a farm on which you can base your final assignment.

Materials and Equipment: To complete this course successfully, you need the use of a computer with Internet access, a printer, and/or a scanner.              

Image Source: Pixabay

Image Source: Pixabay

Image Source: Pixabay

AGR3000 is an advanced CTS course. It has no prerequisite. Supporting courses include:

  • AGR1010: Introduction to Agriculture,
  • HCS2020: First Aid/CPR with AED, and
  • HCS3000: Workplace Safety Systems.


 Hazards on the Farm

Watch this video for an overview of Agriculture Hazards

AgSafe Alberta E-Learning Resources has additional learning resources to support your learning in the course.