Ergonomic Hazards

Ergonomics is the way you move your body while completing your work. It means correctly matching the job to the worker (e.g., not tasking slightly built individuals to carry heavy equipment by themselves), and matching the product to the user (e.g., wearing PPE that fits correctly, or using tools that can be comfortably handled by smaller hands).

Ergonomic hazards include:
  • lifting, pushing, pulling,
  • sitting, standing,
  • tools,
  • lighting,
  • slips, trips, and falls,
  • musculoskeletal disorders, and
  • shiftwork.

Ergonomics refers to the quality of your movements. How do you lift? How do you load? How do you shovel? How do you bend? Do you do so correctly?

How you move in the workplace greatly affects your health and safety. Practice the ergonomically correct ways to move.

Watch the two videos, Back Safety - Lifting (2:25) and Back Safety - Push/Pull (2:43).