Conversation Assessment Question Samples

Now that you have gone reviewed what you have learned in Unit 1, you are ready to write the Unit Exam. Here is the U1 exam password:


It it our expectation that you write the exam under exam conditions without any outside help or use of translators, online or otherwise.

I wish you success on the exam.

¡Estás listo/a para tu primera conversación por teléfono con el profesor o profesora que corrige tus tareas!

What follows are examples of questions that your teacher/marker may ask you. They may ask you questions that you do not see on this outline. You need to be comfortable with the vocabulary, grammar structures and ideas presented in the unit before you complete the Conversation Assessment. You will have to call your teacher or marker to show that you know how to answer these questions after completing Unit 2.  Be ready!

Remember, once you complete the Conversation Assessment, your teacher/marker will provide you with the password to complete the Unit Exam. You will need to do the Conversation Assessment over the phone after Unit 2; you don't need to submit anything on this page.

Student Outline

Here is a chart to remind you of some “question” words that you will hear during your Conversation Assessment:

Question words


OJO: These are examples. Your teacher may ask you different / more questions than what are shown here.
Topic 1 - Introducción; vídeo sobre México
  1. ¿Cuál es la capital de México?
  2. Can you name a celebration that is mentioned in the video where Mexican people celebrate their loved ones who have passed away?
Topic 2 - Introducción a la comida; repaso de verbos regulares; repaso de sustantivos (comida)
  1. ¿Cómo se dice “...” en español?
  2. Conjugating regular verbs
  3. Example sentences using regular verbs
Topic 3 - Preferencias con gustar y verbos como gustar
  1. Example sentences with verbs that work like gustar
  2. Explain how to use verbs that work like gustar
  3. Complete answers in Spanish to questions (por ejemplo: ¿Te gusta leer por la noche?).
  4. ¿Cómo se dice en inglés… (por ejemplo: Me gustan mucho las manzanas)?
Topic 4 - La familia; repaso de querer/traer/dar
  1. ¿Qué es para ti la hermana de tu papá?
  2. Can you name some meals in Spanish?
  3. Can you make a simple sentence with the verb “querer”?
Topic 5 - Las guías alimentarias de Canadá y México; se impersonal
  1. Can you name some of the food groups in Spanish from the Canadian or Mexican food guides?
  2. ¿Qué comes normalmente para el almuerzo / la comida?
  3. Explain how to use the impersonal se
When you have finished your conversation assessment, take a look at our “I Can” chart from the beginning of the unit. Click the + sign to reveal where you need to go back and review before you complete the exam!
If not, please review Lección 1.2.
If not, please review Lección 1.2.
If not, please review Lección 1.3.