Essential Question: What is culture?

In this unit, you are going to have the opportunity to explore culture. In Units 1-5 of this course you have been exposed to aspects of culture, through learning about the past and the present in different Spanish-speaking countries.
What is culture? What is your first thought when you hear that word? Does it make you think of your own experiences, your family, your history? Does it make you think of the country that your family is from? Does it make you think of any stereotypes?
Throughout this unit you will complete a cultural inquiry project. You will compare and contrast two aspects of two cultures. One must be a Spanish-speaking culture, the other can be one of your choice (another Spanish-speaking culture, your own culture, or another culture altogether.) If you have personal experience with a particular culture, this may be a helpful reference point in making your inquiry more meaningful. There will be checkpoints throughout the unit where you submit your plans and your teacher/marker will provide some thoughts, questions and ideas to help you continue to explore and deepen your analysis. At the end of the unit, you will submit your final product, which will also be shared with your classmates. This project will be completed in English.
Our goal is to enhance our understanding of and respect for cultural diversity through inquiry.
Let鈥檚 look at the rubric for the project that you will complete. This way, you know how you will be graded before starting:

Project Rubric
If you decide to use your Google account in order to share your research with your teacher through Google Docs. Use this how-to guide to get set up:

Google Docs How-to guide
Contact your teacher if you have any more questions.