Watch the video below, which shows how varied our thoughts are on culture:


What did you notice about how people connected to the word culture? If we put a camera in front of you right now, how would you answer the question โ€œWhat is culture?โ€? How would you have answered it two years ago? How do you think your answer will change as you grow?
Culture is a term that is subjective. We formulate what we think culture is depending on our life experience. Look at the image below, what words would you add?
Culture is a combination of things: traditions, values, and shared experiences. Some different aspects of culture can be:
traditions: celebrations, festivals, food
values: family, patriotism, democracy
shared experiences: colonization, war, the Olympics
daily life: public transportation, shopping, life in the city
What aspect of culture would you like to learn about?
  • How people live?
  • Important writers, artists, musicians?
  • Popular culture (TV, music, film)?
  • Food?
  • Celebrations and holidays?
  • Something else?