Planificando el proyecto final de la Unidad 6

You can use the information on this page to start organizing your essential question and research around the cultures that you have chosen. Your question needs to be thought-provoking. On the next page, you will be asked to contact your teacher to discuss the essential question you will be exploring for the Final Project. Remember, your can contact your teacher if you need help with your project.
You may want to start with doing an 鈥渋dea shower鈥.
  These templates are provided to help you. Follow the 鈥淕oogle Docs鈥 guide (found at the beginning of the unit) on how to work with these templates and share your work with your teacher.
  • Make a copy
  • Save it as your own document in your own Google Drive (or nowhere else where you can use it later )
  • Choose which graphic organizer(s) you would like to use. If you would like to organize yourself in another way, that鈥檚 great.
  • Click on 鈥淎dd Submission鈥 below and paste the link to your Google Doc. You can also upload a Word or PDF file.
  • Add the link in the "Online text" area of the submission

 If you are not using google docs, you can click the following link to get a copy to use with your word processor:
 Notes and Research

Brainstorming Essential Question
You can click the following link to get a pdf copy:
Notes and Research
Brainstorming Essential Question