Reflect: Are these characteristics in the image below true for you? Do you know anyone who conforms to these stereotypes? Why do these stereotypes exist? Is it possible to say that there is any one “typical” person from Canada or from any country?
We all have heard misinformation and stereotypes about people in different cultures. When have you thought of a stereotype and not known why it was one? We often learn stereotyping from the media, from listening to others and from our own culture. Stereotypes are always generalizations about a particular group of people, and while some may seem positive (like “all Asians are good at Math”); these stereotypes are still making a judgement call on a group of people as a whole.
Watch the videos from these native Spanish speakers who speak about stereotypes in their home countries.
Spanish Proficiency Excercises
Discuss the following questions with a friend or family member:
  • What did your parents teach you about different cultures through their actions or words?
  • What have you learned (or not learned) in school about particular groups?
  • Have some groups been left out of the discussion? Why?
  • Is the history you have learned told from a certain perspective? Whose? Why?