There are some words that help us, just like in the preterite, to know when to use the imperfect tense. Look at this Wordle of adverbs, and save it if it will help you. In the imperfect, the adverbs that we use often show that something happened repeatedly, or continued happening over a period of time.
Thankfully, there are only three irregular verbs in the imperfect tense! They are: ir, ser and ver.
Los verbos irregulares en el imperfecto:
  ir ser ver
yo iba era veía
ibas eras veías
él/ella/usted iba era veía
nosotros(as) íbamos éramos veíamos
vosotros(as) ibais erais veías
ellos/ellas/ustedes iban eran veían


When they were younger, the cousins went to visit their grandparents.
My brothers were going to go to the parties but they had to work.
Natalia was very beautiful. She was a brunette and tall.

Often, we didn’t see anyone in town.