Lesson 1.5: Quizzes


On this page, you will watch three videos that will help you navigate through quizzes, explain the different question types, and learn how to submit and review quizzes.

 Video 1: Quiz Navigation


The above video shows you where you can find quizzes in the "Table of Contents."

The video teaches you how to begin using quiz and how to track your progress your the "Quiz Navigation" bar.
  Video 2: Quiz Question Types


The above video shows you several of the different types of questions that you may encounter in your ADLC Moodle-based courses.

In this course, there are two  quizzes that will allow you to try several different question types.
Video 3: Quiz Submit & Review


The above video walks you through how to review a quiz before submitting it to be marked using the "Submit all and finish" button.

It then goes through how to review your quiz, where to find feedback, and how to review your quiz in the future.