Unit 2.1: Online Education vs Traditional Education

On this page, you will compare online and traditional coursework and look at the advantages of each and what it takes to be successful in completing online courses.

Online Courses

  • learn anywhere, anytime

  • large selection of courses (ADLC alone offers over 100 high school courses)
Traditional Courses

  • face-to-face interaction

  • real-time feedback

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Do I have what it takes?

To be successful in online education, you will need to develop the following attributes. Click on each attribute for more information.

When you enroll in a course, make a plan and deadlines for yourself. In your plan, include dates when you would like to finish each unit and assignment. Stick to these deadlines.
Set aside enough time in your week to complete the coursework and assignments. Schedule the time into your agenda or your phone's calendar.

Your course teacher and/or marker is only an email away. They will contact you within a few days of registering in your course. If you have any questions, email them immediately. To find their email, click on "My Teacher" at the top of the course.

The video compares online learning to traditional learning.