Lesson 2.5: Multiple Intelligence and Digital Tools


On this page, you will discover Gardner's Multiple Intelligences and look at the different digital tools you can access to complete assignments. 

Multiple Intelligences represents different intellectual abilities and learning styles in which an individual approaches a range of tasks. Knowing how to target the various interests and learning styles of students can help teachers plan engaging and effective lessons.

The following video explains the multiple intelligences and illustrates different ICT tools that you can use that build on your best learning style.

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

In 1983, Howard Gardner proposed the model for eight different types of intelligences, or eight different ways in which people learn.

The intelligences are

  • logical-mathematical
  • intrapersonal
  • naturalist
  • verbal linguistic
  • bodily kinesthetic
  • interpersonal
  • musical
  • visual-spatial

  • Do you recognize any of the apps listed?
  • Are there any that you might want to download?

  • Can you think of any other apps you could add to this diagram?

Click on the link to discover which multiple intelligence you use most.