Lesson 3.2: Balance


On this page, you will explore meditation, look at online gaming and finally learn more about the teenage brain.

How about meditation?

How do you live as healthily as you can? There are many articles that have been written about gaining balance in one's life. One technique that is slowly gaining momentum is meditation. In fact, neuroscientists are beginning to tout the benefits of meditation for kids and teens.

If you are interested in meditation, you can find some exercises at Mindful Schools.

Have you ever felt that you have lost balance and started spending too much time online?

IRL-In Real Life is a short documentary looking at the effects of World of Warcraft (WoW) addiction. It was produced, directed, written, and edited by Anthony Rosner, who was also the cinematographer. Watch the video and compare Anthony's experiences to your own.

"It's far more rewarding to achieve your potential in real life." Anthony Rosner  
Have you had arguments with parents, teachers, friends or others about gaming or spending time online? I want you to reflect back on how you handled that conflict.

I am a teen male who plays WoW and has for about a year and a half. I enjoy playing and have a joined a good guild with several good girl friends and enjoy the game immensely, however my parents don't seem to have the same perspective.My parents limit the time I can spend on the game to about one hour every day which is not something I am particularly fond of. I may not be the Mr. Outdoors my father hoped for, but I get good grades and am not involved in any of the bad things that occur in school or in my age group. I mean I could understand them making me finish my homework etc first, but limiting me to one hour a day?I also am not allowed to get on Ventrilo, mumble, etc, because "of all of the people that could be bad", which I think is unfair as I'm not such a moron as to agree to meet a random person I met on vent somewhere.I think part of it may be that they see WoW as a waste of time, please respond and tell me if I'm overreacting, what I could tell my parents to change their perspective on WoW, or what I could do to prove myself to them. (Or if it's just my hormones.)

  1. What would you recommend that the writer do? What do you think the rules should be?
  2. Compare your thoughts with an adult you respect.  Is there any agreement or common ground?

Without teenagers, we'd be short-lived and stupid.

What? To find out why, watch this Nature of Things documentary entitled Surviving the Teenage Brain.
  It will give you a lot to think about! You may be able to use a lot of the research to your own advantage.