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What is programming?

 A computer is a unique machine.  It can do many tasks ranging from allowing a user to control the actions of a robot to create documents in a word processor.  It is truly a universal machine!

Computers read and interpret information by using a code called machine language.  The above image is an example of machine language for the text "Welcome" written in binary.

Binary digits, or bits, are the only language a computer is capable of understanding.  One way for us to communicate instructions to computers is to use high-level programming languages, like the ones listed on the right-hand side.  These languages are considered "high-level" because they are closer to languages humans speak than they are to machine language.

Since a computer cannot directly understand the programming languages used to create computer programs, we must use a compiler.  Once compiled, the computer can understand the instructions because the compiler turns the code into machine language.

Python is one such language!  In many ways learning how to program is like learning how to speak a foreign language.  There are rules to learn, you must practice, and at times learning is difficult but the rewards are great!  Enjoy your journey!


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