Welcome to INF 1070 - Digital Presentations. Many of you undoubtedly are quite comfortable using presentation software. If that is the case then your task will be to demonstrate those skills. You won't need to go through any of the instructional videos. You can simply begin creating a presentation following the Marks Checklist that will cover all of the Alberta Education competencies for this course.

Videos are provided for Powerpoint and Google Slides, but you are free to use presentation software of your choice. Your teacher just needs to be able to read the final file, so check with them first if you are going to use anything but mainstream software. We will rely heavily on Youtube videos as they are well done, up to date, flexible, and in small blocks that match the course objectives.

If you are new to digital presentations then you have some choices. You still need to follow the checklist but you can either; find a tutorial on your software and go through it from start to finish, or you can use the video suggestions provided. They may not be a perfect fit but they should allow you to get the information needed to perform the required task. If you have any problems you can call your teacher at any time.
The Marks Checklist covers the list of outcomes required by Alberta Education. Your task will be to indicate that you have mastered them. The Table of Contents in the course and the numbering for sections and content blocks follow the same pattern as the Marks Checklist and the Alberta Education Program of Studies.