• For full access to courses, a confirmed educator account is required.
  • Course downloads are only available to those with a confirmed educator account.
  • For proof of educator status, send email to admin[at]moodlehub.ca
  • Before requesting educator access, please create an account first!

Some examples on how to proof educator status:

  • Referral by a colleague who is already confirmed
  • Must be "Googleable" and clearly identifiable as a educator
  • etc.

What type of access do you need? The table below shows some of the important differences between the various access levels.

Ability Guest Basic account Confirmed educator
View course lists yes yes yes
View courses and their content no yes*, limited access  yes, full access to all courses 
Download courses no no yes**
* Cannot view quizzes, question banks, answer keys or teacher resources. Some courses can only be accessed with a confirmed educator account.
** Request for course downloads required. WCLN course downloads available from WCLN.ca
Last modified: Monday, 3 May 2021, 7:58 AM