Family Law

Rights of Parents in Relation to their Children

Though not all marriages result in the birth of children, many do, and the rights and obligations of parents in relation to their children make up an important part of family law.

Guardianship Rights

As a child's legal guardian, a parent has the right to do such things as:
    • give consent to medical services the child requires;
    • have control or care of the child's education;
    • look after any property of the child;
    • give consent to the marriage of the child until he or she reaches the age of majority;
    • decide on the child's religion; and
    • receive notice of any legal action being taken against the child.

    Custody Rights

    Custody is the legal term for the right to care for and control a child. Unless a court decides otherwise, a parent has the right to the physical possession of his or her child along with the right to make important decisions about how the child will be raised.