Family Law

Remedies for Victims of Abuse

Other types of abuse are, however, are very much against the law, physical and sexual abuse being examples. In what follows, you will be looking at some of the remedies available for victims of family violence.

What can a person do if a family member is physically abusive? The discussion that follows will look at some of the different remedies available to Albertans. It will begin by looking more broadly at remedies available across the country; then the focus will narrow to Alberta's Protection Against Family Violence Act.

According to the Criminal Code , a federal statute, both assault and sexual assault are criminal offences. Anyone who has been physically or sexually assaulted may have a criminal charge laid against the person responsible, inlcuding his or her spouse. This will involve either contacting the police and having them lay a charge or going to the police station and "laying an information" against the person involved.