Family Law

Check Your Knowledge

The following questions will help you determine your understanding of the previous section. Work through the questions, and then compare your answers with the suggested answers.

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Tell whether each of the following situations might result in a criminal or civil trial.

The chef at the exclusive Chex Ralph restaurant forgot that Ms. Spenser had told him that she was very allergic to garlic. He put garlic into her entrée, with the result that Ms. Spenser spent Christmas in hospital and missed two weeks of work.

Suggested Answer: Civil trial

Mr. Jorgensen rented a quarter section of land to grow barley on, agreeing to pay the owner a portion of his profit. When Mr. Jorgensen sold his crop, however, he refused to pay the owner a cent

Suggested Answer: Civil trial

Celine ran three stop signs in her hurry to get to work on time the first day of her new job.

Suggested Answer: Criminal trial

Miss Kinderchuk failed to cover the old well on her property. As a result, a child fell in and drowned.

Suggested Answer: Civil trial