Environmental Law

Section 2: Legislation that Protects the Environment

Lesson 3: Environmental Assessment and Alberta Legislation

In recent years, the orientation of environmental legislation in Canada has more and more been toward preventing damage to the environment before it takes place; among the chief developments resulting from this approach is a move toward environment reviews of potential damage to the natural world, along with what are called environmental impact assessments.

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

Image Source: Pixabay

Environmental impact assessments-or EIAs, as they're often called-are used across Canada when projects like dams, pipelines, offshore drilling, nuclear power plants, and airports are being planned. Both the federal government and the various provincial governments have passed legislation requiring EIAs (Environmental impact assessments) for projects that could damage the environment. The federal statute is the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act .

One of the chief characteristics of the Act is its insistence on public involvement and on co-operation between the federal government and the provinces. Today you will often see environmental impact assessments being carried out by representatives of both levels of government.

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