Environmental Law

Section 3: Organizing, Reviews, and Challenging Issues

The Notice of Application

When an application is all in order, the NRCB (Natural Resources Conservation Board) publishes a notice of application, which notifies the public that an application for the project has been received. This notice of application asks people likely to be directly affected by the project, and others with an established interest in it (the board decides who can be considered to fall into these categories), to submit in writing any objections they might have. If no submissions are received, the project may well go ahead without a formal hearing.

Letters of Objection

If even one letter of objection is submitted from someone with a genuine interest in the project and/or its impact, a hearing must be held. The only exception is if the objection clearly seems to be trivial or of little merit. For this reason, it is important that any written submission be well constructed. Such a letter should explain the following:

  • where the writer lives in relation to the project

  • what concerns the writer has

  • what the project's likely impact will be in the writer's view

The Notice of Hearing

If serious submissions are received objecting to the project, a hearing must be held. It's announced 30 days in advance by a notice of hearing indicating things like the following:

  • the topic

  • the place, date, and time of the hearing

  • information on how to obtain copies of the application and other information