Legal Studies 3080

Section 2 - The Crime, The Arrest and the Pre-Trial Procedures

Lesson 2 - Arrest Procedures and the Police

It is doubtful that anyone would suggest that the police have an easy job. They have to investigate crimes, gather evidence, apprehend and question suspects, and deal with a variety of unpleasant and dangerous situations. Because it is their duty to protect the rest of us, the police are granted a wide range of powers. If they have sufficient cause, for example, they can deprive citizens of their rights, as when they take a suspect into custody.

For the most part, the police must protect the rights guaranteed to us in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms - and those rights are guaranteed for offenders along with everyone else. This puts added pressure on the police as they do their job; they have to follow proper procedures when they stop a vehicle, make an arrest, or conduct a search of private property. Much depends on the seriousness of the crime and the circumstances surrounding it.