Legal Studies 3080


In the previous chart there were several new terms that need to be defined:

  • Arraign: to formally read to an accused the charge(s) that he or she must face.

  • Charge to the jury: a talk a judge gives to the jury before it retires for deliberation in which the judge discusses evidence and explains relevant law.

  • Directed verdict: a verdict of acquittal that a judge instructs a jury to reach if the Crown doesn't prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Here are a few more terms you should be familiar with:

  • Circumstantial evidence: indirect evidence; for example, evidence given by a person who didn't actually witness the event.

  • Direct evidence: evidence given by a person who actually witnessed the event. 

  • Examination-in-chief : the first examination of a witness during a trial.

  • Hung jury: a jury in a criminal trial that cannot agree on a verdict.