Navigation Bar

On the navigation bar at the top  you will find a number of icons and headings.

The headings are important to understand, before you start the course.

Content - this drop down includes the Table of Contents; clicking on the Table of Contents gives you a list of the units of the course.  You can use this heading to easily access any part of the course.

Resources - this drop down includes a Calendar, Private Files and Help.  Clicking on Help will open a separate window with access to a variety of Moodle support topics.  They are available either as videos or PDF documents.  It's important to view the video on Submitting your Assignment.

Communication - this drop down includes a Forum and News section; important information for all students enrolled in the course will be posted in the News section.  For example, if a new regulation, guideline or important information about scaffolding is announced, it will be posted in the News section.

Grades - clicking here will show you all the assessments in the course, including Quizzes and Assignments; this is the area you will access to find your assessments, see what is complete and yet to be completed and view your grades.  Note: assignments can be submitted using MS Word, PDF or GDrive.

My Teacher - this heading contains contact information for your ADLC lead teacher of the course.


If at any time you have questions about how to work in the Learning Management System (Moodle), please contact:
Moodle Support
1-866-774-5333 ext. 5256

If you have any general technical problems or questions, please contact:
Technical Support
1-866-774-5333 ext. 5322