Navigating This Course

In this course, you will gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to fully appreciate the need for continued research and development of our forest resources, and become acquainted with the major methods of fulfilling this need.

More specifically, you will do the following:

  • identify and describe different areas of forest research.
  • compare the goals of local agencies whose mandate is to conduct research related to forestry and forest ecosystems, and how these various research activities are coordinated in Alberta.
  • identify the major components of a research plan for the enhanced use and management of forests.
  • describe past, present, and emerging applications of research in the forest industry.
  • look into how you might find a rewarding career that involves forest research and development.
By completing this course, you will earn one credit toward your high school diploma.


  • Forest Research and Development is a course that provides students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes pertaining to environmental stewardship.
  • There is no prerequisite for this course.
  • Forest Research and Development is a 1 credit course; it will take a minimum of 25 hours to complete.
  • This course consists of seven units that should be completed in sequence.
  • The course assessments include auto-graded quizzes and/or assignments that need to be completed with 50% or higher.
  • All units have one auto-graded quiz or an assignment, which is based on the lesson contents in the unit.
  • All instructional content is provided through ADLC's secure website.
  • Students may arrange to video conference with the ADLC teacher either via Skype, Adobe Connect or Google Meet, when assistance is required.
  • Students may also phone, email, or text when requiring assistance.

Course Assessments:
  • Students must achieve 50% or higher on all course assessments to pass the course.
  • Students have two attempts, on each quiz, to achieve 50% or higher.
  • Students who do not achieve 50% or higher, after two attempts, must contact the lead teacher.
  • Students must achieve 50% or higher, on each quiz, in order to "unlock" the quiz in the next unit.
  • Students will complete two assignments throughout the course.
  • The quizzes are worth 60% of the total course mark.
  • The assignments are worth 40% of the total course mark.
  • At the end of each unit, there is an auto-graded, multiple choice quiz or assignment.
  • All units contain additional content in the form of interactives, videos, publications, etc.  Reading the additional information is mandatory and may appear in the quizzes and assessments.
  • There are numerous icons used in the course and students should be aware of their meaning:

Read information.

   Complete an assessment.
   Play a game.
   "Digging Deeper" section, designed to encourage students to build their knowledge of the lesson content.
    Practice - demonstrate the concept yourself.
    Take a quiz.
    Self-check - a review of the lesson concepts.

   Watch a video.
   Go to the website for more information.

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