Unit 2 - Modern Forest Research Network

Lesson 2: Provincial - Advanced Education and Technology


Every year, Canada's provinces invest millions of dollars in forestry research programs. Alberta is no exception, contributing a significant amount of money to research and development.

One way the Government of Alberta is involved in coordinating and funding forestry research is through the Economic Development, Trade and Tourism ministry.

This ministry leads economic development efforts and supports businesses and investors; guided by the priorities of the Government of Alberta.


The Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism guides and supports research/innovation throughout the province through Alberta Innovates. Alberta Innovates officially came into being on January 1, 2010 when the Alberta Research and Innovation Act came into force. Alberta Innovates works with key innovation support agencies, publicly-funded post-secondary institutions, industry, and government to support research and innovation in the province and make Alberta more competitive in the global economy. 

"Alberta has a long history of a can-do attitude, of research and innovation focused on solutions. For decades now, Alberta has invested in and built a world-class research and innovation system. Innovation in Alberta is not new.

Alberta Innovates: an invigorated spirit of collaboration and coordination, synchronization, and alignment. At the recommendation of our stakeholders, we've taken our existing organizations and brought them into a stronger, more flexible and integrated system. Our five new dynamic agencies focus on taking outstanding research and ideas to the next level by creating products, services, and processes that will address challenges faced by Albertans and people around the world.

Alberta Innovates is an exciting place where ideas leap across traditional sectors and boundaries. It's about synergy."

Source: Alberta Innovates

By providing the following benefits, the Alberta Innovates system makes it easier for researchers and innovators to work together to use science to find solutions to the challenges facing our province and the world:



     Tree seedling pouches developed from TerraVerdae's bioplastic films and coatings technology help to reduce production costs and waste.

TerraVerdae, headquartered in Edmonton, AB received partial funding from Alberta Innovates to expand its product development facilities in Edmonton.  They also fine-tuned their unique capacity to custom-design bioplastic formulations for strength, elasticity, impact resistance and more.