Unit 5 - Forest Research: Current Applications

Lesson 1: Nursery Operations

As it has done in the past, Canada's forest industry continues to apply new research and development to its everyday operations. This unit will deal with some real-life examples of how Canada's forest industry is currently putting research and development into action. We will consider a real-life example of how one forestry company in Alberta applied research and development to improve its forest management practices over the years.
Our first real-life example of research and development applications can be found in nursery operations.

Image Source: PxFuel
Outdoor Water Boom Irrigator
Today, tree nurseries are typically equipped with very efficient water delivery systems. One of the most efficient water delivery systems is an overhead boom irrigator which allows water to be evenly delivered in a timely fashion. A series of nozzles along a pipe results in a uniform band of water. These booms are often coupled to a motorized carrier that rides on tracking. The advantages over hand watering or using a fixed sprinkler system is that application is more timely, more uniform, and aisle space previously needed to access plants can be replaced with more crop.
Image Source: PxFuel
Indoor Water Boom Irrigator