Public Law


Section 2

Protecting Society and Ourselves


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How much direct contact have you had with the legal system? If you are like most Canadians, the answer is (hopefully) probably very little. Though most people may be stopped once in a while as part of a Check stop program or receive the odd parking or speeding ticket, that is about the extent of their direct contact with the police and/or the courts.

  • But what if you accidentally injured someone in a car accident and found yourself in court? 
  • What if you were arrested and charged with a criminal offense? 

Would you know your rights? Would you know the steps you should take in what would probably be a rather frightening experience? 

In this section, we will examine the following: 

  • Civil wrongs - such as accidentally injuring someone in a car accident
  • Criminal wrongs - such as being arrested and charged with a criminal offense

We will also examine the following:

  • The treatment of minors under the law
  • The various courts in the Canadian system