Public Law


In this course, you have examined the basic rights and responsibilities of Canadians. This course is intended to be a very brief introduction to these topics; further courses at more advanced levels will give you a much better understanding of these topics. 

Now that you've almost completed this course, do you feel that you have a better understanding of Canada's legal system and the role you play as a Canadian citizen?

Do you have an increased desire to learn more about the laws of your country?

If so, the course has been a success. Even if you don't do any future work in Legal Studies, you should try to pay attention to news stories that concern legal issues. You will be surprised how rapidly you'll increase your understanding of Canada's legal system.

Something to think about - Career Opportunities:

Now that you have completed the course, perhaps you are giving some thought to pursuing a career in the legal field.  Some questions to ask yourself:

1.  Do you have any long term goals, in the area of public law, now that you have completed the course?

2.  What career choices might you be interested in that relate to this course?

3.  What interests, beliefs, prior learning and prior life experiences have you had that will help you make a career decision in the future?

4.  Visit

  This is the Alberta Learning Information Service, which provides great information on career planning.