Unit 2 - The Environmental Importance of Forests

Lesson 10: The Boreal Forest

Canada's Boreal Forest is a 5,000 km long stretch of conifer forest that stretches across the entire north of our country touching almost every province and territory, and covering more than half the land area of Canada.
Spanning 1.3 billion acres, the Boreal Forest is the Earth's largest terrestrial carbon sink, storing 208 billion tons of carbon or 11% of the world's total.
Natural Resources Canada states that "Canada's Boreal Forest is central to the country's natural environment, history, culture and economy.  Canada respects and looks after its boreal forest in many ways, including setting aside legally protected areas, conducting scientific research and monitoring the state of the forests."

The Boreal Forest in Canada is such an interesting and vast part of Canada; you will want to read these interesting facts.
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