Unit 7 - Personal Action

Lesson 4: Careers in Forestry

Personal Inventory

When considering a career, you have to consider many things. One of the most important considerations is whether or not a specific career is actually suitable for you. You must consider your likes, dislikes, interests, skills, assets, and liabilities, as well as your personality type.
The results of your personal considerations regarding these characteristics is generally referred to as your personal inventory for the purpose of making decisions about a career.

Three Basic Steps in Choosing Your Career
1.  Clarify your interests, values, and beliefs. Your chosen occupation must fit these. Otherwise, your life at work will not be a happy one.

2.  Assess not only your present skills and knowledge, but also the skills and knowledge that you will need to acquire to be successful in your chosen occupation.  For this step, you generally have to do some homework. You will have to establish what skills and education are required for your chosen occupation.

3.  Evaluate your present assets and liabilities, and determine what is needed for you to start in your chosen occupation. Consider the start-up costs, especially education costs, and/or the start-up investments required to work in your chosen career, for example, starting your own business or consulting service.

There are a variety of careers in the Forestry sector, probably some you have not thought of.
  Click here and look at the Career List; there are many careers in forestry!

  Now take the Career Quiz.  After finishing the quiz, jot down the three forestry careers that are suited to you. 
           You will need to refer to these choices when  you complete Assignment 3.

You now need to complete Quiz #6 on the next page, followed by Assignment 3.