Safety and Sanitation in Cooking, Baking, and Storing Food

Safe Use Of Tools, Equipment, and Products

Safety in Equipment Handling

  1. Match burner size with pan size! A burner that is larger than the saucepan is unsafe! A burner that is much smaller than the pot may not heat evenly.

  2. When frying with hot grease, use a deep fryer that has a controlled heat.

  3. Use a spatter screen or a lid to prevent hot fat splatters.

  4. Thaw fish, poultry, and meat completely before adding them to hot oil. The moisture from frozen food can cause an explosion and severe burns.

  5. Always check that oven mitts are thick and without holes before using them.

  6. Always pull out the oven rack and place the food on it rather than reaching into the oven.

  7. Never use a saucepan as a deep fryer. The fat can exceed the smoke point and explode into flames.

  8. Never use wet potholders or oven mitts because water conducts heat. Consider purchasing Teflon heat-resistant pot holders.

  9. Never use tea towels as pot holders because they can catch on fire.

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  1. Position pot handles so they are inside the perimeter of the stove. If they stick out, someone may bump them and burns could occur.

  2. If a grease fire occurs on the stove, never put water on it. Extinguish the fire with a lid.

  3. Turn the lid away from you when you check hot foods.

  4. Do not place or store any items on a burner.

  5. Keep knives sharp and store them carefully in a holder. Never store knives loosely in a drawer.

  6. Cut away from yourself when using paring knives or peelers.

  7. Keep paper such as recipes away from the cooking surface.

  8. Prevent cuts on broken glass by sweeping carefully and then using a damp paper towel to get the smaller pieces.

    • Do not use frayed cords or plugs.
    • Do not use electrical appliances near water or the sink.
    • If a person is receiving an electric shock, do not touch him or her because you will be shocked, too..
    • Turn off the power immediately.
    • Call 911.
  9. Electric shocks can be severe.

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