Read Me First - Lab Requirements

Hands-on Cooking Lab Requirements

  • Lab 1: Preparation and Comparison of Sauces Information must be completed to a grade of 50% or greater before access to any other labs will occur.

  • Be sure to read the instructions carefully.  Remember that the teachers are not there watching what you do, so you have to take very clear pictures of you demonstrating the required skills.

  • Your face and body must be in the pictures submitted.  A picture of only your hands doing the work will not do!

  • Sending photos can be a problem! You may wish to optimize the pictures before making a PowerPoint or Google Slides document, or you can convert the PowerPoint or Google Slides to PDF to increase the speed of uploading.

 Foods is one of the few courses where you have to
"take a selfie"
to earn good grades.


Plan Ahead

Before you start cooking, read the following to secure the best possible lab mark.


You MUST have a camera or smartphone to take pictures of yourself completing the cooking labs. 

 As previously stated, your face must be in each picture.

The labs will be marked according to the criteria at: Very Important Student Instructions for Submitting Foods LabsBefore you start to prepare food, be sure to review this page for the specific pictures required in the presentation so you know which pictures you must take during the food preparation process.

 Once you earn a grade of 50% or greater on Lab 1: Preparation and Comparison of Sauces Information,
the remaining labs will be released for you to view.

    There are three labs in Soups & Sauces:

    • Lab 1: Preparation and Comparison of Sauces
    • Lab 2: Preparation and Comparison of Soups
    • Lab 3: Specialty Soup

Each lab assignment will give you choices of recipes for that lab. Choose one recipe for each lab from the choices given.

You may choose a recipe of your own for the labs but it is strongly suggested you have your chosen recipe approved by the teacher first.

If choosing your own recipe, you must ensure that it meets the requirements of that lab.  For example, a muffin lab must have a recipe choice of a muffin (not a cupcake).  It is strongly recommended to contact the teacher to request approval for any alternate recipe before preparation.

In the presentation, be prepared to include the full recipe (ingredients and instructions) and cite the source of the recipe used.

Have your camera ready.

Prepare the recipes using all procedures you have learned concerning safety, sanitation, measurement, and organization.

Take pictures of you (your face must be in the pictures, as indicated) completing all the processes.

Put the pictures into one presentation document - PowerPoint or Google Slides or other media (must pre-approved by the Teacher). 

Add headings to each section of the presentation.

Sending photos can be a problem!
You may wish to optimize the pictures before making a Google Slides or PowerPoint file, or you can convert the Google Slides or PowerPoint to PDF to increase the speed of uploading.
If using Google Slides, you may share a link to the file provided the share setting has been set to "anyone with link" may access.  

Getting Ready to Cook

BE ORGANIZED! Follow these steps to successful products!

  • Tie hair back first, then wash hands and put on a clean apron.

  • Before beginning any recipe, it is important to read the recipe thoroughly. This will allow you to see if you have the proper ingredients and the time and equipment needed for the recipe.

  • Preheat oven and assemble all necessary ingredients.

  • Measure all ingredients using the proper procedures and equipment.

  • Combine the ingredients in the order and manner given in the recipe.

  • Prepare pans by lining, greasing or spraying as per the recipe.

  • Fill pans with the batter or mixture.

  • Put on oven mitts and pull out the oven rack, if required.

  • Place the food in proper location within the oven.

  • Set the timer for the least time on the recipe, if there is a range of time given .

  • When timer rings, check the product by putting on oven mitts, pulling out rack slightly and checking with a toothpick.

  • If toothpick is clean and does not have uncooked dough on it, remove food from the oven and place pan on a cooling rack. For muffins, tip the muffin cups on their sides so bottoms do not go soggy.

  • Remove from pan and serve. Garnish as if in a restaurant!

  • Clean and sanitize equipment and work space.