Very Important Instructions for Submitting Foods Labs

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Foods Lab Grading

Foods is one of the few courses where you have to
"take a selfie"
to earn good grades.


Student Instructions

The Foods lab will be graded according to the criteria listed below.
Please be sure to include all of the following:
  • The teacher is not present to watch you cook, thus, you must take pictures as listed in the categories below.

  • All pictures must be clear, not blurry.

  • All pictures must be made into one presentation file using Google Slides or PowerPoint and NOT submitted individually.  This presentation may be exported to PDF and uploaded in that format to reduce file size.  Any other format (video or other media) must be preapproved by the teacher.

  • When it states (see below), "student shown in picture" that means the student's face must be clearly shown in the picture. Pictures of just the student's hands, for example, are not acceptable.

  • When it states (see below), "Heading" that is the title to be placed on that slide in the presentation.


Foods Lab Marking Guide


Categories and Objectives             Picture Requirements Possible Marks

(out of 35)
Title Page

    • Demonstrate fundamental skills to:
      • communicate
  • One slide -
    Heading:  Title Page

    • Title page containing:
      • Course Name
      • Lab Name and Number
      • Student's Name
      • Student's File Number

    • Demonstrate appropriate recipe choice to match objectives of the lab.

    • May use a recipe from the course or your own but be sure to provide credit for the source of the recipe.
    One slide -
    Heading: Recipe
    • Recipe page containing:
      • Complete recipe including ingredients and instructions (may be copied and pasted, photo or screen shot).
      • Be sure to provide credit to source of recipe. 
    Safety & Sanitation

    • Demonstrate appropriate personal hygiene and hand-washing techniques

    • Practice appropriate work space safety focusing on:
      • prevention of accidents (back safety, slip and trip hazards, burns, cuts)
      • injury treatment
      • blood-borne pathogens (eg. minor cuts)
    One slide -
    Heading:  Safety & Sanitation

    One picture - Student shown in the picture:
    • One picture of student with all of the following shown:
      • hair tied back (if longer than shoulder length)
      • wearing apron
      • wearing closed-toe shoes
      • washing hands with soap
      • appropriate attire (eg. non-baggy clothes)
    Measuring of Ingredients

    • Demonstrate the use of proper measuring equipment and techniques as stated in the course.

    • Select and safely use available tools and equipment when:
      • measuring
    One slide -
    Heading:  Measuring of Ingredients

    Two pictures - Student shown in one of the two pictures.  Include any two of the following
    • Measuring a dry ingredient in dry measures
    • Measuring a liquid ingredient in liquid measuring cups
    • Using small measures appropriately
      Food Preparation

      • Demonstrate proper food preparation techniques as per the recipe.

      • Select and safely use available tools and equipment when:
        • preparing
        • mixing
        • cooking
      One slide -
      Heading:  Food Preparation

      One picture
      - Student shown in the picture:
      1. Combining the ingredients in the order and method given in the recipe.

      • Demonstrate proper sanitation and clean-up of all tools, equipment and work space.

      • Demonstrate ability to leave food preparation area in an appropriate fashion.
      One slide -
      Heading:  Clean-Up

      One picture - Student shown in the picture:
      1. Student cleaning and sanitizing the work space.
      Final Product

      • Demonstrate proper food presentation. 
        • Display final product garnished on a plate.
        • Include a picture of the interior of the final product (cut a slice, if possible).

      • Select and safely use available tools and equipment when:
        • serving
      One slide -
      Heading:  Final Product

      pictures - Student shown in one of the following two pictures:

      1. Student holding finished product garnished on a plate and ready to serve.
      2. Close-up of interior of finished product on a plate, if possible (eg. not possible for soup).
      Taste Tester

      • Demonstrate food preparation for others.
        • Have another person taste-test your product and write a comment about it.
        • Insert their comments into the presentation.  Being sure to include:
          • comment
          • their name
          • their relationship to student (family members are acceptable - eg. parent, guardian, grandparent, friend, etc.)

      One slide -
      Heading:  Taste-Tester

      One picture and One Comment - Taste-Tester person shown in picture:

      1. Picture - Of person taste-testing the final product.
      2. Comment - One short sentence of taste-tester's comments of the product. Include their name and relationship to the student (family members are acceptable).


      • Demonstrate skills in evaluating basic food recipes.
      • Write one sentence explaining:
        • How you think the final product turned out and why?

      One slide -
      Heading:  Self-Reflection

      1. One short sentence of self-reflection answering question (to the left).

      Presentation (media submitted)

      • Demonstrate fundamental skills to:
        • communicate
        • manage information
        • use numbers
        • think and solve problems
      • Demonstrate personal management skills to:
        • demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviours
        • be responsible
        • be adaptable
        • learn continuously


      • Completed in Google Slides or PowerPoint (may be submitted as a PDF or as Google Slide link). Any other format was pre-approved by the teacher.

      • Correct spelling and grammar throughout. Aesthetically pleasing media (uses a theme, colour, appropriate font, etc.).

      • Clear use of Headings and captions to explain the pictures used in each section of the presentation.
      • This is the overall look and design of the presentation as submitted.
      TOTAL MARK /35



      NOTE:   Please review the individual Lab Guidelines carefully.
      For some labs, there is an extra worksheet to be submitted with the Presentation.  When this occurs, the number of marks indicated on the worksheet will also be added to this Presentation mark for a new total number of marks for the lab submission.