Some of the tools used in math are shown in this image. Welcome to Math 9-4!

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In this course, you will work on four math strands:

1.  Number (number concepts and number operations)
2. Patterns and Relations (patterns and relationships and variables and equations)
3. Shape and Space (measurement, 3D objects and 2D shapes, and transformations) and
4. Statistics and Probability (collecting and analyzing information).

You will work through a variety of lessons based on six themes:

  • Understanding Numbers
  • Patterns, Formulas, and Problem Solving
  • Metric and Imperial Measurement
  • Everyday Measurement
  • Working with Shapes
  • Using Data

  • There is no textbook required for the course and you will work both online and with your teacher to complete the lessons and activities that are a part of each theme. There will also be opportunities for you to think about and show what you've learned.
  • Materials that you will require for this course include a calculator, a ruler, a protractor, and scissors. (If you don't have these or other materials, please check with your teacher.)
  • There is a pop-up dictionary you can use throughout the course. Double click on any word and you will be taken to the definition for it.
  • There is also a glossary for this course. You will notice that important words have been highlighted in orange. When you put your cursor over any of these words and click on it, you will be able to read a definition for the word.
  • You also have access to the content at the links at the top of this page. For more information on Content, Resources, Communication, Assessments, and My Teacher, please click here to watch the Moodle Videos.
  • If you need technical support, please talk to your teacher.

Now you may begin Math 9-4!
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