Lesson 3 — Activity 2: Multiplying Whole Numbers

Getting Ready

Think about how you could solve this problem:

This chef could use multiplication to solve the problem.

The head chef of a restaurant was asked to prepare meals for 3 groups of 5 customers each. How many meals will she have to prepare in total?

You could use multiplication to solve it.


This diagram shows 3 groups of 5 each:

      0  0  0  0  0
      0  0  0  0  0
      0  0  0  0  0

If you entered 3 x 5 on a calculator, it would display the answer 15.

Try This:

Sometimes it is quick to use a multiplication table to help solve both simple and more complex multiplication questions.

Click here to access a multiplication table. Print it off and complete it. 

Here is a multiplication chart mystery puzzle you can solve!

Many strategies can be used to multiply numbers, such as using:

  • base 10 blocks (manipulatives) Base ten blocks are used to solve many math problems.

  • multiplication arrays

  • estimating and calculating by using paper and pencil

  • checking, by using a calculator

Click here to watch a video to see the strategies that can be used to multiply. Watch until the end of step 8.

Click here to find extra practise questions on multiplication. Answers are supplied!

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