Lesson 18 — Activity 3: Drawing Angles

Getting Ready

You have worked with determining angle type: acute, right, obtuse, and straight. You have also worked on measuring angles using a protractor. You will now practise drawing your own angles.

This image shows examples of different types of angles.
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When you begin creating an angle of a specific measurement, you will need to create a straight line along the 00 line (or vertex). Use a straight edge of a ruler to make your line.

You can use these tools to draw angles.
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When you know the measurement of the angle you are trying to create, you can then put your protractor over the first line you drew, do your measurement, make a "tick mark" with a pencil, and then using a straight edge, create a line that intersects (meets) the 00 line.

In the example below for the 50° angle, the pink line was drawn first using a straight edge. The blue line was drawn after measuring the angle with the protractor, making a tick mark and then using a straight edge to intersect the first line.

Don't forget to use a straight edge to create your lines and measure using a protractor!

                  This image shows how to draw an angle.

Digging Deeper

Watch the following video for a further explanation on how to draw angles.

Try This:

Click here to practise drawing angles. Answers are provided for you.