Introduction to Theme 5:

working with shapes

You will work with different shapes in this theme.
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In this theme, you will learn about and work with many different kinds of shapes. You will construct and sketch 3-D objects, learn about symmetry, and learn about and identify different types of triangles. You will learn about graphing and reproducing shapes using coordinates. You will then learn about ways to move shapes around a graph, and to end the theme, you will learn about following a path. Throughout the lessons, you will see how these shapes are part of our everyday lives.


This theme includes six lessons:

  • Lesson 20 — Constructing 3-D Objects
  • Lesson 21 — Symmetry
  • Lesson 22 — Triangles
  • Lesson 23 — Coordinate Grids and 2-D Shapes
  • Lesson 24 — Manoeuvring Shapes
  • Lesson 25 — Paths