All activities that you complete in this course require some level of supervision. There are three levels of supervision.


Constant Visual


Activities that entail a high level of risk require constant visual supervision. This means that your supervisor has eyes on you at all times and is within close proximity in order to help. Examples of activities that require constant visual supervision are gymnastics type activities.




On-site supervision means that there is a supervisor present in the vicinity. Activities that would have on-site supervisors could include team sport practices, fitness centres, and swimming pools.




In-the-area supervision refers to supervisors that are in the general vicinity, as students are participating in activities. In the area supervision is appropriate for activities that have a relatively low level of risk. Running in the area around your home would be an example of this supervision. If you are not with a parent or buddy when completing activities, please ensure you are in a well lit area that is safe and that you have the means to contact an adult if an injury were to occur.